Woman pays £7,000 to reduce her 32H boobs after enduring years of agony

A woman who was left “embarrassed” and in pain from her 34H breasts decided to have “life-changing” surgery.

Kelly, 27, a hospital worker from the Pacific North West region of the US, had found her large chest an emotional and physical burden since high school.

She experienced headaches, shoulder pain and uncomfortable waves of sweat after doing minimal activity.

She also struggled to find clothes that fit.

Consequently, Kelly became envious of friends with smaller breasts and her discomfort, alongside their “uncomfortable” comments impacted her mental health.

When she was working for a Disney theme park in 2018, her shirt burst open and she “exposed” herself to customers.

This prompted her decision to have breast reduction surgery.

“I’ve had some awkward conversations between friends, where they asked: ‘Can I have some [breast]?’ and I’m unsure how they expected me to respond,” Kelly told NeedToKnow.Online

“I don’t think people understand that commenting on my chest size is still commenting on my body and that can be as uncomfortable as if someone was talking about my weight.

Talking about the moment that changed everything, she added: “Usually, you’re approached by lots of people when working for a theme park about a fun moment or with questions – but I was told my shirt was unbuttoned.

“Who knows how long it had been like that? It was so embarrassing.

“Our shirts were buttoned up at the front, so I had the option to wear a size which was too big or one which fitted elsewhere – and this would occasionally pop open.

“It was moments like these which hurt my confidence over the years and I never wore anything but a one piece swimsuit while going out, in a bid to avoid a similar situation.

“It’s definitely a day-to-day thing not only physically, but also emotionally and unless people experience [having a large chest] themselves, they’ll never understand.

“Emotionally, there is the discomfort of being noticed for your size and not feeling confident in your appearance because clothing doesn’t fit well.

“My wardrobe is full of loose-fitted clothing and oversized sweatshirts, so I could hide myself or be less noticeable.

“It’s not so much a matter of being modest, as it is being in control of how much you show off and when.

“In high school, I went on vacation and spent an hour trying on swimsuits at a shop near the beach and I ended up crying in the dressing room because I was so upset about not finding something.”

In April 2022, Kelly booked herself in for a breast reduction procedure, costing her $9,000 (£7,700) in total, which she had to pay for from her savings.

Now, she believes her cup size has reduced to a size C or D, but she won’t know the final results for another year while healing continues.

Kelly recalls feeling “immediate relief” after her surgery as she found herself able to breathe better – and believes this is due to the 6lbs of excess weight removed from her chest during the procedure in October 2022.

Kelly said: “I remember the first thing I recognised after coming out of my surgery was I could breathe so much better, which was something I wasn’t expecting.

“I like to tell people it’s like a weight has been lifted from my chest and in the short time, I’ve also noticed improved posture because I’m not slouching to hide my size.

“Standing tall feels so much better physically, but also in my confidence.

“I discussed [my final size] with my surgeon and she informed me it’s difficult to make any promises prior to actually being in surgery, as everyone has different breast tissue – but I’m just relieved to be smaller.”

In a bid to share her transformation, Kelly uploaded a clip on TikTok documenting her before and after look, racking up 430,900 views and 32,700 likes.

She said: “I actually didn’t tell many people in my personal life about the surgery, but I joked about it in my online community.
“But there was a fear of judgement and opinion in sharing to people I know.

“Those I chose to share with, who have known me for years, congratulated me because they knew how much it literally and figuratively weighed on me.

“There were some people who would say: ‘Wow, I didn’t know you were that big’ and obviously, it’s easier online to control how you portray yourself.

“I’m either too close to the camera so my chest doesn’t show, or I’m wearing clothes which don’t accentuate my size.”

In her “reveal” clip, Kelly wears a shirt with singer Adele on it, which appears to have become stretched over time due to her 34H breasts.

She then shows her new post-surgery figure, with the caption teasing: “Watch Adele get a facelift.”

Users have flocked to the comment section to share their reactions, with many offering their words of support and congratulations.

“This is such a funny way to do the comparison! But I’m so happy for you!” wrote one user. “So happy for you!,” commented a second viewer.

“OMG GLOW UP!?” added a third viewer.

“Girl. I know your back is thanking you,” wrote a fourth viewer.

“No more back pain and probably so much easier to buy clothes!” commented a fifth.

Kelly, believes the albeit “expensive” surgery is one of the “best decisions” she’s ever made – but says it’s vital to research the surgeon.

She added: “I’d recommend beginning your research into surgeons [as soon as possible], so you can book a consult, as most provide one for free and this allows you to ask questions, discuss concerns or any desires.

“Every person I have spoken with or watched videos from has said their reduction is the best thing they’ve ever done – and you won’t regret the decision.”